Thursday, May 23, 2013

//summer so far...//

it's also 9:33 and i'm already in bed.

Party animal.

Let me tell you what happens when you get a full time job.
You get up. EARLY. You go to work. You work for 8 hours. Your butt gets sore from sitting on it all day.  But you're still uneplainably tired. You come home. You eat dinner. You fall asleep.
Grown up world sucks.

But alas, summer is not all gone.  Been able to do some awesomey things as well.
-Getting fro yo. A LOT.
-Or hanging out with the boyfrann, who is no longer 2.5 hours away. YES!
-And going on dates. To delicious Crave. And then watching airplanes takeoff/land on the runway.
 -Getting to see your best ladyfranns and catch up on months of miscellaneous life happenings
-Got a bug bite. From a gnat. Which made my entire forehead swell up//It was casual.
-Watching some good ol Downton Abbey, cuddled up in bed, stuffing my face with popcorn and sobbing all over again at *****'s death. (Mom, I know you read this and you haven't gotten that far yet...JUST WAIT.)

Although work is consuming the majority of my summer, I still plan on making the most of it off the clock, which also includes this here blog!
So thank you for your patience as I adjust to my new schedule and try to figure out how I'm going to make more hours suddenly appear in my day to day life.
Alright, its 9:57. Way past my bedtime.

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