Thursday, May 16, 2013

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 empty room...

full Betty...

The word "bittersweet" can't even begin to describe how I feel about transferring.
Even though I am beyond excited about my future at a new school, a new house, and a new major, I was incredibly sad to be leaving behind the campus and the people I have gotten to know over the past two years here at this little Ag school.
As I sat alone at one of my last opening shifts at the Info Desk yesterday, sipping my hazelnut coffee, playing DJ, and listening to the usual busy murmur of the University Center, my heart was just overwhelming sad by all of the little things I was going to miss.

.-Sauntering over to the coffee shop and making small talk with the ladybaristas on a regular basis
-The crazy squirrels and their trash can antics
-Walking by the Ag Sci building to see some cheesecurds in the making
-Taking in the sunrise on the way to breakfast every morning
-Deciding to randomly go to the Falls Theatre on a school night, not cause it was necessarily a good movie, but hey, it's only three dollars!
-Falling in love with journalism/mass comm/graphic design in some of my favorite classes
-Getting a surprise every now and then from a special someone like letters/visits/care packages/flowers
-Seeing a familiar face EVERYWHERE on campus
-Being "inspired by the charcoal black and candy apple red"
-Shopping in the best of the best antique shops that only the small, college towns can offer
-Getting compliments on my music taste and selected Spotify playlists for the UC
-Walking back from a closing shift after a fresh snowfall and relishing the pure silence of it all
-Bonding with my fellow co-workers with crazy customer calls and half-off apps
-Friday nights consisting of Netflix, my futon, and all snack food for dinner
-Trying to dye hair in the community showers, followed by a "pantsing" incident...
-The number of  inside jokes my sisters and I now have to last us a lifetime
-Learning more about agriculutre, farming, and cows than I ever would have imagined
-"Sweeet, sweeeet timothy grass"
-Roomie nap times
-girls Bible study/puppy chow time
-A sweet surprise in the workroom (aka Batcave) from the prostaff every now and then
-Going for the usual run around the campus farm and seeing my horse friends
-Counting down the days until the next Premium Night for dinner
-Learning more about myself and the world around me each and everyday. Like for real. "I've got a lifetime of knowledge."

And much much more.

I am/was so incredibly blessed by my time at good 'ol River Falls.
And even though I swore I wasn't going to miss it all that much, here I am getting all sappy writing up this blogpost.
I know that when I flip back through the novel of my life, I will pick out the chapter titled "UWRF" and smile back at all of the good times this campus and I had together.
Simply was Falcon awesome.

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