Tuesday, May 7, 2013

day 7//fears

Jumping right ahead from day 3 to day...7? Yep, that's just how things are gonna roll around here.

day 7: the things you are most afraid of
(Defs got a couple of those. Some serious, some...a little peculiar.)

time. not having enough of it.
bird poop. specifically landing on me.
throwing up. I've willed myself not to for eight years now. no joke
hospitals. and my mom's a nurse. goody.
car accidents. Extra cautious driver here.
losing friendships. It's tough man, real tough.
writer's block. Then it's bye bye bloggy for a couple days.
loud noises. fireworks, thunder, student drops a textbook...I jump a mile high.
monkeys. the big ones. 'nuff said.
ocean currents. good thing we're landlocked.
growing old. scratch that. i basically live in my bathrobe...really though...I'm wearing it now.
the future. ah yes, the great unknown...

 pic from our trip to gulf shores, AL this spring break.
now you can see why fear number 2 made the cut.

On a brighter note! I would defeneitely recommend coming back here tomorrow folks!
Cause if all goes well and my computer skills are up to par, you may see a pretty awesomely amazing new layout! I mean, maybe I'm just nerdy, but I plan on getting up tomorrow extra early, grabbing some coffee, running to the school library (they got Apple), and uploading this new theme PRONTO.
Geekfest over and out.

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