Friday, May 3, 2013

day 1//life story

Alright, it's time to get these creative juices a'flowing (...that sounded gross, sorry).

Saw this Blog Every Day in May circulating the blogging world and I'm joining the bandwagon.
I am a few days late behind in the challenge, let's just pretend that didn't happen.
I'm needing a little writer inspiration lately and this seems like the perfect fit!
If you're curious as to where this brillant idea came from, check out the button at the end of the post.
Today's challenge (or technically Monday's...)

Story of My Life
(in 250 words or less)

haven't changed a bit..

Born on September 26th, 1992.  A very large and squishy baby.  Grew up with my lovely parents and three sisters.  ("Your poor father, always outnumbered!"  He secretly loves it.)  Move to suburban home at the age of five and live here for most of my elementary school days.  Night games, sister fort days, trampoline parties, and other random childhood memories consist here.  At age twelve, move to another home across town.  Enter the dramatic junior high days.  Braces, rubber bands, glasses; the whole nine yards.  Let's leave it at that.  High school begins and the pre-teen years end.  Some of my finest memories begin here including marching band, homecomings, best friends, Dairy Queen shifts, lacrosse, prom planning, youth group, and boys. Especially one in particular.  Graduation comes all too quickly and college begins.  Freshmen year turns out to be much tougher than I thought with long distance and lost friendships to blame.  But all is well and soon summer rolls around where my favorite job begins as a t-ball coach.  Sophomore year arises and is much busier with tougher classes and desk assistant job.  Love being busy though.  Still makes the decision that transferring to another school might be a better fit.  Fall 2013.  All the while, I fall in love with all things writing and photography.  Mass Comm-Journalism major it is.   Minor unknown.  Still learning more about myself each and every day  and looking forward to where the Lord leads me next.  I’m a work in progress after all.

250 words exactly.
For realz. Count 'em up.

Until TOMORROW everyone!

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