Monday, May 13, 2013

day 13//public apology

random thoughts first...
Since this is the only day this week where I don't have to get up for a 7:45 final or opening shift at work...
I am currently eating breakfast in bed.
And when I say "breakfast", I mean an open box of cereal since all my bowls are packed away. And a swig of almond milk. STRAIGHT from the carton. Ah gonna miss these college days <3

Anywho, back to May blogging...
day 13//Issue a public apology
this just makes me cry a little on the inside...
Dear Finals,
I'm sorry everyone hates you so much.  It's not that you're a bad person!...It's just've given us such a bad taste in our mouth, it's hard to change our perceptions of you.
Take for example, this poli sci final coming up. You didn't HAVE to be culmative.  You could have made my life so much easier by only concerning yourself with the last few chapters and be done with it.
It's things like this that make it so difficult to like you.
Maybe you should switch things up a little bit!  Change your name to "Free Food Finals" or "Fun Festivities Finals"!  Maybe along with that, don't even add the word Finals in there.  It might just scare off any wary students.
I'm just trying to help you here, bud.  Help me to help you.
Take my advice and loosen up a bit.
Forever yours, (sadly...)

**The fact that I just created a dialouge between me and intangible object....
Four days and counting....

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