Thursday, July 18, 2013

thrifty thursday//distressed&plaid

Oh hey.
Guess what?
It's Thursday.

Oh. And time for a little thriftiness.

holding a piece of heaven. 
mhmm yep right thurrr. sorry. but that red eye sore just throws off the whole shoot for me....
#myeyes #theyburn

shirt//thrifted. 3 dollas.
shorts//previously jeans. distressed by moi.
mocha// angels...I'm sure of it.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

south bend specs//

Obviously, its been much too long.
Let me just say.  I don't think I ever anticiapted how much time flies when most of it is spent working and the rest is trying to savor just a few sweet summer memories.
Full time livin' is tough, folks. Real tough.

I get quite sad when I think about this lonely little blog space getting all dusty and cobweby, waiting patiently for its guru to return, and spark up some creative juices.

But have no fear, because I am back baby!!
Until I'm swamped with work again.

But here is a little peek on some of my summer adventures not spent in the office thus far.
 I call it...
South Bend Speculation.

Catchy, right?

Over the Fourth, the famjam and I packed up the camper, loaded up the car, and headed east towards South Bend, Indiana for a family friends' wedding.
Let's be honest....I had never even heard of South Bend before this trip.
Sure, its holds the well known Notre Dame and is the home state of my favorite fictional book series (nerdy eeeek!).
...Indiana just hadn't been on the top of my list as the Seven Wonders of the World.

But a road trip is a road trip and sometimes you just need a change of pace every once in a while, even if its in Amish country (for real was).

The trip mostly consisted of breakfast by bonfire, coffee on a percolator, books upon books upon books, and just total relaxation. It. Was. Heaven.
One night, however, we decided to venture out into downtown South Bend and see what the city life had to offer.
Out with the Amish thoughts. And in with the cutest little town you have ever seen.

Now, do you believe me?!

We walked along the streets for hours and taking picture after picture.
Eventually our tummies started rumbling so we started focusing our attention more on trying to decide which cute little cafe we should eat at (yet another hour passes...)

The debate was over as soon as this sign appeared. You had me at chocolate.

Mhmm yep, decision made.

We walked inside to see chocolate fountains, chocolate delights, and chocolate candies surrounding us.
There was also a chocolate coffee bar. Whaaa......

The cafe wasn't all fun and sweets though. We browsed through their dinner menu and found ourselves going back and forth on so many delicious-sounding entrees.

My choice? The cherry pecan chicken salad with rasberry vingerrette.
And a dark mocha to add to the yumminess.

Came with a chocolate covered stirring spoon and a cherry on top.
//Holy chocolate heaven//

After dinner, we continued on our downtown exploring.
Came across this cute little park so obvi....

Decided to do a little thrifty outfit shoot.
(To be continued...)

Andddd almost became road kill while trying to get a pic of the string street lights.
Worth it.

Of course....Cue fireworks.

South Bend, Indiana.
You have stolen my <3