Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Seeing as it's almost our (the handsomee boyfrann and i's) two year anniversary, just prepare yourself for some cheddarcheesiness from me....

Let's all hop aboard the time machine train and rewind two years ago to the small weight room of BHS.

Girl gets invited to workout with her lax bud.  They meet up with a hunky football player.
Surprisingly, girl keeps her cool while talking to boy.
(for the most part).

Either way, boy starts liking this girl. And this girl starts liking this boy.
They start hanging out. A lot.

Pumpin iron.
Ice skating.
Taco Bell. (fancyfancy.)
Study dates.
Youth group.
Just Dance parties
Texting nonstop.

And while all of this was happening, the "like" starts growing.
And they both know its coming.
Duh duh duhhhhh.
First Kiss.

One night after a double date, boy had to drop off girl at home.
Girl doesn't remember much of the conversation beforehand..other than the fact she swallowed her gum she was laughing so hard. Thankfully she lived.
They arrive at her house.
Boy gets out of car and walks girl to front step.
They both say they had a nice time.
They hug.
Girl awkwardly/quickly kisses boy on cheek.

So, she walks inside, not quite sure what she's done and instantly calls her friend Megan to vent.

Meanwhile, boy goes back to car.
Boy looks back at front step.
Boy pulls out of driveway.
Boy drives down the road.
Boy sits at stopsign.
Boy has minor inner freakout.
Boy makes a 180 and turns back around.
Boy gets back to driveway.
Boy stares at front step.
Boy then backs out of driveway and pulls away.
Boy arrives again at stop sign.
Boy hesitates.
Boy instantly turns back around to girl's house.
Repeat cycle about 10 more times.

Meanwhile, girl is still chattering away to her friend. She finds her cheek-kiss to be a very big deal.
Girl is freaking out. (little does she know...)

Suddenly, the doorbell rings.
Girl runs downstairs, still on phone.
Girl peeks out behind curtain.
Boy is there admist the blizzard conditions arriving.
Girl tells friend she is gonna have to call her back.
Girl opens door.
Boy standing there in snow and wind, shivering from the cold. (andddd coughnervouscough.)

"Oh hi!"
 *awkward silence*

"Just wanted to let you know, it's a little slippery out there. You should be careful if you wanna drive."
"Okay..........was that all?"
"And...uhh...something else."

Boy steps forward.
Girl stops breathing.
Boy leans forward.
Girl is basically having a full on heart attack.
Last thing she remembers running through her mind....
What did those Seventeen magazine kissing tips say again?! (Smooooooth as silk.)
 THE END. the rest is all for us, folks ;)

"No man... if you wanna kiss her... 
You go right ahead and you kiss her! I mean, knock your self out! 
You just take her... then kiss her. Then kiss the crap out of her!" 
-Sebastian Hastings

Friday, March 8, 2013

thrifty thursday//once upon a time...

Yeaa, yeaa I know it's Friday and I'm a day late....
blame my profs. and midterms. and my downright laziness yesterday.

But fear not! Thrifty Thursday is back!
With a love story no less...

Ahem ahem.

Once upon a time, there was a cool, thrifty girl. She was on a mission; an impossible mission.
She was desperately searching all the lands and the kingdoms (aka shopping malls) to find her dream purse; but in order to save the bag, it had to be under a fair price.
She envisioned the perfect accessory. The purse was leather/light brown/messenger style/and slightly worn-looking.
But no matter where she looked, this mysterious bag was no where to be found.

One day, when all of her hopes seemed lost forever, this girl walked into her local Unique.
Absentmindedly, she began rifling through the accessories section.

Suddenly, out of the corner of her eyes, a light shined brightly, as if from the heavens themselves!
There, hidden beneath a pile of old beach bags and ripped backpacks, lay the most beautifully designed purse the girl had ever seen!

Everything seemed to fade around the two.
The crying child a few rows over, the sounds of hangers squeaking over their holders, and the bad 80s song playing overhead..all seemed to fade into oblivion.

As she reached out to grab the bag, she cautiously turned the price tag over, fear that this was just too good to be true.
It read....8 dollars.

And that purse hasn't left her side since.

note to self: white shirt on white wall=no bueno.

fun fact: found this cool wall in the basment of the res hall.
plus, there's an old saloon down there too.

<3 love at first sight <3

hello beautiful.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

snow day problems//

Aw yeaaaa.
Waking up to this glorious sight outside your window, frantically running over to your email, and seeing those two magnificent words running across the top...
Class Cancelled.

but here's my dilemma. if one of my classes is cancelled, i can't just fall back asleep like a normal college student. Nope, the excitement is too much for my sleepy brain and I somehow come up with all the possibilities these free hours have given me.
1) write a new blog post (check)
2) actually GOING to breakfast (check)
3)  start studying for the impending mid-term week...
4)  catch up on some assignments for art/design class
5)  clean the evermessy dorm room
but first...