Friday, March 8, 2013

thrifty thursday//once upon a time...

Yeaa, yeaa I know it's Friday and I'm a day late....
blame my profs. and midterms. and my downright laziness yesterday.

But fear not! Thrifty Thursday is back!
With a love story no less...

Ahem ahem.

Once upon a time, there was a cool, thrifty girl. She was on a mission; an impossible mission.
She was desperately searching all the lands and the kingdoms (aka shopping malls) to find her dream purse; but in order to save the bag, it had to be under a fair price.
She envisioned the perfect accessory. The purse was leather/light brown/messenger style/and slightly worn-looking.
But no matter where she looked, this mysterious bag was no where to be found.

One day, when all of her hopes seemed lost forever, this girl walked into her local Unique.
Absentmindedly, she began rifling through the accessories section.

Suddenly, out of the corner of her eyes, a light shined brightly, as if from the heavens themselves!
There, hidden beneath a pile of old beach bags and ripped backpacks, lay the most beautifully designed purse the girl had ever seen!

Everything seemed to fade around the two.
The crying child a few rows over, the sounds of hangers squeaking over their holders, and the bad 80s song playing overhead..all seemed to fade into oblivion.

As she reached out to grab the bag, she cautiously turned the price tag over, fear that this was just too good to be true.
It read....8 dollars.

And that purse hasn't left her side since.

note to self: white shirt on white wall=no bueno.

fun fact: found this cool wall in the basment of the res hall.
plus, there's an old saloon down there too.

<3 love at first sight <3

hello beautiful.

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