Friday, May 10, 2013

day 10//how embarrassing

day 10//embarrassing moments

So there I was.
Struttin' my stuff down the hallway.
Like the model my little tenth-grade brain thought I was.

School was almost over for the day and I was eager to meet up with my friends for our last class (gym...).
I was feeling pretty fantastic that afternoon; decked out in some new outfit, got a good grade on a paper, and/or uttered a word or two to my crush. Big steps, my friends. Big steps.
Anywho, I strapped on my oversize backpack, slam my locker door, and head down the hallway to almost-freedom.

Ohhhh yeaaaaa
Here comes Melissa. All coooool & on top of the world.
Rollin' like a bigshot.

and happened.

Trapped in the mosh-pit stampede that are high school hallways, I was walking pretty close along the side of the wall.  And this is where our display cases were protruding out of the wall.  Well for some reason, mr.display maker decided to add some prong inserts that stick dangerously out of his creations.

I'm sure he didn't mean anything by it.
I'm sure he didn't think that those prong-like devices would be a magnet towards a helpless girl's backpack strings.
Please picture this for a moment. Those bouncy carnival rides. Where two people are strapped with a rubber band, each of them racing towards an object justttt out of their reach; And when defeated, they are ripped backwards towards a nice, cushy landing.
Try a glass trophy case.

So, there's high and mighty Melissa, bungeeing back towards the case at frightening speeds, and finally makes impact.

Every head turns to stare at the poor tenth grade girl, smooshed up against the wall, backpack still tangled up with the evil glass display.
I quickly turn, struggling to break free, my face redder than any ginger could possibly imagine.
While I'm still riding the strugglebus, some swaggering senior wise guy cracks up (for the world to hear)...
"You know there's a wall there, right?"

And being the sassy student that I was NOT...
I meekly whispered a small, "Yeaa...", unhooked myself from the horrible situation, and quickly shuffled down the hall, where I rambled off the mortifying experience again to my comforting friends.

High school. Pshhhhhh.

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