Sunday, February 24, 2013

wonderful weekend home//

soooo here's my weekend in a nutshell...

FINALLY (re)setting up our VCR at home and going through all of our old vhs. #puregold

getting to sit down and actually enjoy a cup of coffee.

finding a jackpot while thrifting this weekend! quick sneak peek....OKAY NO MORE PEEKING!

trying out a new hobby..we'll see how this goes....

and thennn getting to skype this cute boy and making our usual weird faces at each other for the majority of the date. or watching cat videos. or cuddling..through skype. don't ask.
*sigh* long distance sucks. the end.

already dreading this crazy crazy week.
exams, projects, quizzes, speeches out the waaazoo.

so i apologize in advance if I'm MIA for a couple of days.
and if it's longer than a week...
check the library. probably will be passed out beneath a pile of textbooks and papers.

okay Spring Break, I think it's about time you got here now!!

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