Friday, February 15, 2013

snowy trees//red roses//chocolate baklava


Oh how sad February 15th can be..Another valentines has come and gone so quickly, another year to wait until i can stuff my face with as much dark chocolate as humanely possible...
(never mind. happens daily)

but even though its sad the day is over, it was still a great one to remember!
first off, woke up to the most BEAUTIFUL snowfall, making our entire campus look like a winter wonderland. and after i just start complaining about sick i am of snow...LOOK AT THESE BEAUTS!

Then the sisters and I traveled back home for the night for the annual valentines dinner my dad always puts on.

Each year my dad has been making dinner for us (mom, my three sisters, and I) on February 14th.  But these are no ordinary dinners; each year hosts a new theme.
For example, our very first dinner was solely Asian culture.  Chopsticks, fortune cookies, and red paper of origami donned the table.
Another year, was hawaiian, completete with grass skirts and drinks from real coconuts....
Then Genovia (Princess Diaries)..."you've got pears in your plant"
Winter Olympics...
Monte Cristo...
 President Election season...
American Idol...
Wild Wild West...
and finally last night....A Taste of Israel! (mom has been there and my dad longs to go..)
And on and on the tradition has been going on.

Basically my dad is the most creative, amazing, loving, and wonderful man in the whole wide world and I am so blessed by him each and everyday. <3 LOVE you daddy <3

 very first valentines dinner. (sorry emmy!)

Hawaiian dinner! rockin' the cool glasses yet again.

 count of monte cristo. (and no, that is not his real beard)

American idol night. we were only joking lexi.....

last year's wild west theme...including....

fake gold teeth. loooooking goooood.

 and last night's delicious dinner! ta da!

he wrote in Hebrew on all the cups!

decorated the table with a map of Israel, sand, rocks, and Bible verses.

after a delicious night of shawarma, tabouleh, hummus with pita, and baklava, we returned back to school and found this little prezzy of roses waiting for me from the most wonderful boyfrannn ever :) :) :) MWAHH!i "likee" you handsome <3

with that, I say...
 חג אהבה שמח
(happy valentines day)
 or more specifically, happy love feast!

hope you all had a wonderful love day as well :)

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