Thursday, February 21, 2013

thrifty thursday//flannel love

Confession: I am a complete Scrooge when it comes to money.
Okay that may have been too extreme of an analogy.  But really... I am a stickler when it comes to moola.  I like to save a lot more than I like to spend.

Wanna go see a movie?...Naw. How about a Redbox instead?
Wanna go out to dinner?...Is it half-off apps?
Want some jimmy johns?..How about we make our own? I got some old bread for 50cents!

And in regards to clothing, I rarely buy anything if its marked over 20 dollars... which very much limits a person's options.
But there are these wonderful//magical places in the world which I so lovingly refer to as
aka thrift/secondhand stores.

whatwhatwhatwhat. whatwhatwhatwhat. whatwhatwhatwhat.
(guess whatwhatwhatwhat song is stuck in your head now...)

Salvation Army, Unique, Goodwill, Platos Closet etc. etc....I've spent my fair amount of time in each of these.  May or may not even own a VIP card.....coughyescough.
I simply LOVE it.  The whole thrifting experience is a great way to be creative, find something completely one-of-a-kind, and make it your own masterpiece!
Plus, you're saving a couple of extra bucks, which is pretty dang awesome as well.

So, this is why I am creating a weekly post called....

ehhh ehhh do you love it?! <3 <3
each week, I'm gonna spotlight some of my finest finds and pull together an outfit that would make macklemore himself proud. 

But there are a couple of rules...
1.  Not all outfits are strictly thrifty.  Just a few pieces here and there.  (although that is a pretty good challenge...).  But yes, I do own items from other stores as well.  A girl's gotta have her F21 fix every now and then....
2.  I am a blogger. Not a model. Equals no judgment zone here.
3.  Now, go out and be inspired to find your own thrifing gems :)

Confession number two: Sometimes like to shop in the mens for today's feature....

flannel//salvation army ($4)
hat//h&m ($5)
scarf//from the famjam
jeans//american eagle. secondhand at platos closet. ($15)
boots//bearpaw (an investment...)

awww yeaa. werk it.


admiring the wildlife. (squirrels).

props to the roomie/sister emmy for taking these wonderful pics!

Until next week...STAY THRIFTY! :)


  1. "admiring the wildlife. (squirrels)."

    Melissa, you are so funny! I LOVE your blog!!

    1. Hahaaha girrl you are so sweet!
      anddd you are totally awesome cause you are my FIRST FOLLOWER!<3
      thank you bunches!!

  2. uhmmmmmmm ok you are TOO Cute and I LOVE your hair!