Wednesday, February 27, 2013

thrifty thursday//polkadot

raise your hand if you've ever gone outside during a minnesota winter
with no pants on?
(if there was a luxurious hot-tub waiting nearby, you're automatically disqualified. babies.)

this skirt had no warmth factor whatsoever.
but hold up. for only 4 dollars at Unique,
I'll take it!

perhaps I'm just trying to entice Mr. Sunshine to come a little early
if I break out some warmer-temp clothes.
we'll see if it works.


see?! you can practically see the wind whipping my hairs back and forth! one...

and two!

mhmm yea werking it again.

(note: purple-looking hands)

shirt//levi outlet store
skirt//thrifted from Unique ($4)
boots (buried beneath snow)//thrifted ($9)
scarf//gift from the boyfrann's famjam (THANK YOU AGAIN! :))

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