Monday, January 27, 2014


Due to severe winter weather, all classes will be cancelled on Jan. 27th

Insert image of roommates and i all proceeding to have a impromptu dance party in the house, fist pumping and tossing all homework/books aside until another day.

The Recipe for a Perfectly Cold Day?

diving into a steamin' cup of coffee. literally. swimming in it.

knee high socks and cozy sheets. note: coffee round two.

the comfiest of sweatpants to ever be created. much more up my alley.

breakfast food. mhmm carbs and sugar....fav food groups right thurr.

...followed by a nap in bed in pancake-induced coma. and more breakfast food.

and then reading until all reality (such as studying, chores, and school) is lost forever in a heavenly novel bliss.

 *all images taken from my Pinterest page, another frequent stop on today's agenda**

Yes, I am quite sure I could get use to these "cold days".

Bring it on, Minnesota. Bring it on.

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