Wednesday, January 8, 2014

chapter 1//a fictional story

What do you get when you mix -40 degree windchill, a car that doesn't start, a warm fireplace accompanied with a hot cup of coffee, a cozy blanket, and a blank word document in front of Melissa?

Fictional story time...continued.  (part one can be read here first)

Mind you, this was never edited, never read outloud, and never really thought through.
//Cause where's the fun in that?
SpellCheck Crazies, you have been warned.

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The amount of applause and screams awaiting the star’s arrival caused the dressing room door to shake uncontrollably.

Pretty uncanny, Sam Starr thought to herself as she reached for her own pounding heart.

The makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, and sound guys had finished up with her long ago and now left her alone in the silence -- or as silent as it could be in a superstar’s backstage dressing room at a sold-out show.

Sam spun around in her chair and finally looked at her own reflection in the vanity mirror.  It still startled her every time.  Her long brown locks were trapped beneath layers of bleach and her brown eyes hidden behind sky-blue contacts.

She still remembered what her agent had said right before the transformation began.

“Sam, this is the fresh start you kept talking about.  This is what you wanted.”

What I wanted.  The words echoed on and on in her heart. 

Suddenly, the door opens and Sam’s mother comes stumbling in, followed by three of Sam’s entourages, a little too eager to lend a hand to the mother of a multibillionaire singer.

“Sam!”  Her mother gasped at the sight of her daughter and rushed to her side.  “You are looking as beautiful as ever.”  She looked in the mirror at both of their reflections and held on tightly onto Sam’s shoulders.  “Like mother, like daughter.”

She then took a few steps back and sat down at the couch behind them.  “Have you heard the crowd out there, Sam?!  I swear this is your biggest crowd yet!  You are going to do big things, baby!”

She took another sip of the small drink in her hand and settled back against the arm rest.  “Big things…” The words barely came out as her mother fell into another alcohol induced sleep and was snoring within seconds.

The three entourages shrugged their shoulders and proceeded to walk out of the room, their golden opportunity already lost to sleep.

Sam stared at her sleeping mother and sighed to herself.  She got up and wiggled the drink out of her mother’s hand, placing it on the coffee table in front of her.

She’ll be asking for it as soon as she wakes.

Sam could hear the crowd getting louder and she knew her presence would be needed soon.
As she headed toward the door, Sam stopped and stared at the picture that hung above the door frame.

It was a dream come true frozen in time.  A young father pushing his daughter on the swings as she giggled uncontrollably.  The two couldn’t even pause long enough to look at the camera lens.  They were just staring at each other, the love between them radiating even from the printed image.

Sam reached up and stroked the side of picture, sighing to herself and she faced the stairs to her roaring and demanding fans.

It’s what I wanted.


“Dude! You gotta come tonight! It will be all you ever wanted!”

Riley Anderson shook his head and laughed at his friend Todd, who was starting to look more like a lost puppy than a senior football player at the university.
“I told you, I have a huge chemistry exam tomorrow I have to study for.  Maybe another time.”

Todd rolled his eyes and jumped in front of Riley, taking his shoulders and giving them a quick shake.

“Maybe you didn’t hear me right.  I said Ashlee and Kylie are going to be there.  Do you know what this means?  The Toddster is going to be one happy man tonight.”  Todd wiggled his eyebrows for added emphasis.

Riley side-stepped past his friend and continued to walk along to his next lecture.  He could hear Todd walking behind him, still grumbling to himself.

As they continued walking to class, Riley took in the sight of campus.  It never got old.  The trees were decorated brightly with red leaves, students mingled in and out of lecture halls, and the small-town atmosphere gave him the one thing he needed most when choosing the right college; peace and quiet.  Or, it often did, unless Todd was around.

Finally, they reached the building that held their next history lecture.  Riley sighed and turned towards Todd, who was currently working his puppy-dog eyes.

Riley laughed and opened the door.  “Fine!  Just for an hour!”

Todd fist-pumped the air and quickly scooted past Riley through the door, giving him a hard slap on the shoulders.  “Dude, you won’t regret it!”

Riley shook his head and followed him through the door.  His phone buzzed in his pocket and he quickly checked it before taking his seat in the classroom.  His professor was a stickler for “that kind of technology disrespectfulness”. 

He looked down and got a news update on his Twitter page.  “Sam Starr Rocks Out Rushford City!”  Underneath the headline was a picture of the blonde pop star singing her heart out for a crowd of dedicated fans.

Riley’s heart felt the usual sting of pain as he stuffed the phone back in his pocket.  Those fans didn’t know what they were missing.  As much as they read the tabloids and celeb magazines, they had no clue what her life was like.  They didn’t know that she rather stay in on a Friday night and get herself lost in a new book.  Or that she preferred comfort over style when it came to all wardrobe choices.  Or that she preferred long, quiet walks than a stadium full of screaming fans.

Mostly, that she hated being called Sam.

That was the Samantha he knew.

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