Monday, February 3, 2014

southern dreams

Wanna know a secret?

Some days, when the homework is piling up, the sun sets early, and I'm cuddled up in my bed just trying to keep warm from the horrid MN cold...

I dream.

Of front porches. And sweet tea. Tan skin. Breezy flannel. Windows open. Warm nights. Stars. Country music. Crickets singing.

//just a Southern gal at heart//

the details of the dream that is my future...

so beautiful. so musical. so country <3

those trees. those wonderful beauts.

front porch. where i will sleep, read, write, drink coffee, etc.

iced coffee. in a mason jar, no less. (and maybe a dunkin donuts nearby)

*dying inside*

farmhouse table! for all my southern guest entertainment purposes.

flannel + jean shorts. basic wardrobe necessities right thurr.

and getting to run. outside. WHENEVER I WANT. (no snow = #winning)

monogrammed something...or everything...

ideal: working from home. writing, designing, and blogging.

take me there <3

*all images via pinterest, unless otherwise noted*

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