Thursday, December 19, 2013

thrifty thursday//puffy puff vest

It's been a long time coming ...but here is another Thrifty Thursday!

Got this stylish vest at a random antique store in small-town MN.
Stood behind a smelly guy for 15 min, changed in the tiniest dressing room, and then had my debit card turned down, which in turn had me awkwardly call my mom to write out a six dollar check...

But alas! I was the real winner in the end!
Because this baby was only $1.50 ;)

p.s. don't mind the awkward mugshot photos style today. it was just the tripod and I, all alone on a cold winter's day.
..Didn't think outfit posts could get more awkward than your dorm janitor wheeling by during the photo session.
Nope.  Smiling for a camera balancing on a tripod while your dog silently judges you from the corner is a bit more humiliating....

...obvi been a while since I smiled for a camera.... #saycheeeeeeese

VS ain't got nothing on me!


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