Thursday, December 12, 2013

end of semester//hallelujah!

So I blinked. And November was over...

So with that...I am done with yet another semester of school!!
*fist pumps all around*

  alive, well, and THRILLED to be done!!...

and what I plan on doing for the next month...

It's crazy to think I only have 3 measly semesters left and then be entering full-time big-girl world.

As excited as I am for that next part of my life, I am learning to be content wherever I am at because dang!...does time fly by so quickly.

There were a few other vital lessons learned this past semester, which may be of importance to some of you out there
//It may even save your life. (doubt it..but it sounded pretty dramatic.)

1.  Don't buy textbooks. (unless absolutely necessary.)
This was my first semester buying textbooks for school. mis-TAKE.
Lemme tell ya.  Those puppies are just collecting dust on my desk.
So, unless your prof seriously recommends them, just don't.  Your wallet will thank you.

2.  LISTEN to your professors.
Cause they're awesome.  They have much more experience in the real world and often have connections on "the other side".  So, be nice.  Go to class. Ask questions.  And get to know them.
Plus you are paying them, sooo....

3.  Crockpots.
Da bomb.
"You want a hot meal? Oh, here it is, a steaming bowl of goodness just waiting for you to devour without even lifting a finger."  Go get one.  Now.

4.  Centipedes are really gross. For real.
And they move fast.  So kill 'em...while you can.

5.  Batty basements.
Be sure to stay out of cool cave-like bastments during the hot autum days.
Cause chances are there is bat down there already making himself at home.  And he doesn't want to be bothered...EVER.
p.s. We named him Bruce.

6.  Be ahead of the game.
Plan your assignments ahead of time.  Divide them up into parts and spread them over your week.
Nothing worse than panic-mode on a Sunday night as you try to finish a 20-hour long project into 4.
..Worse than the bat.

7.  Netflix is a time-sucker.
A good one at that.  So don't turn it on unless you got three free hours ahead of you.
Or else you'll be watching Haley and Nathan meet, get married, have a kid, and 6 seasons of OTH flashing before your very eyes.

8.  Get involved!
Even as a junior, I'm still pushing myself to attend events on-campus or get out of the house.
As much fun as doing hw and watching your iPad all alone is, going out and meeting with others is much more fufilling.  And totally worth your time.  Unlike OTH (darn that show...)

9.  Target Cartwheel.
Tar-jay Addicts, listen up!  If you own a smartphone, download the Cartwheel app.
Because you "Start saving on the things you already buy."
You win again, Target.  You win.

10.  Be content.
The Lord has been pressing this one pretty hard on my heart all semester.
Only transfer studetns will understand the pain of being caught between schools.
Constantly playing the "what-if" game and strategizing how to get the best of both worlds.
But I still believe that I am exactly where the Lord needs me to be right now.
And even if I can't see the full purpose yet, I know He's got it allllllll figured out up there.

Drink. (coffee)
And be Happy.

Cause we just finished another semester, y'all! :)

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