Monday, September 9, 2013


TA-DA! I'm still here!

WHOAMYLANTA has it been a while!
I do apologize for my lack of bloggin' these past few weeks.
Professor hit me hard with this one while talking about bloggers...
"Most of the time you see someone start a blog and then poof, never return back to it again..."

So here is my pathetic attempt to reel back in my readers/fans (River Falls peeps, you are the ones that keep me going! MISS YOU ALL!) and quickly sum up the three MAJOR changes happening in my life the past couple of weeks...

 Mass Comm/Journalism building.
Basically my second home for the next two years...
1.) Transferring. 
Easier said than done. And much more embarrassing.
Me: "Hey excuse me, do you know where this building is?"
Random passerby: "Oh yea, it's just right around the corner. *chuckles to himself* I remember my first year as a freshmen."
Me: "I'm....I'm a junior." *walks away, head hanging low*

The hours (days...) spent on Pinterest have not been in vain! I am beyond excited for the upcoming plans and turning our young-girl dreams into reality! And yes, we three younger sisters will be dutifully sharing the role of "maid of honor".
Which means, the "Bride Wars" quotes have been rolling out endlessly.
 "Oh so I'm getting DJ Humble to spin at my wedding. I'm not a big band kind of girl, ya know?"
"It ain't June. And it ain't the Plaza."
"Remember...Ms. Wang is a stern mistress!"
"The Truffle Train...International Butter Club?"

*(insert picture of beyond messy (but still adorable) bedroom)*
3.) House>Dorms.
Besides transferring schools, I have also left behind dorm life and said hello to my own house, my own room, my own food, my own bills, my own cleaning, and my own responsibilities.
This little lady is doing a lot of growing up these past few weeks!
Cooking actual meals though...mehhh...
My poor future husband...
Honey, I'm making dinner! What'll it be?!
I've got HoneyNut Cheerios orrrrrr Mini Wheats!
Your choice tonight, babe!

Hopefully, this just helps you get a glimpse into my ever-changing life at the moment and sympathize for my lack of time to be doing what I love best; writing.
Always changing in the life of Melissa. Always a work in progress.
Until next time! (sooner than later, I hope...)

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