Monday, September 23, 2013

an ode to fall//

Being the first day of fall yesterday, I am going to dedicate this post to one of the happiest seasons around.
//And it ain't just cause it's my birthday month either. coughcoughThursdaycoughcough

I call it...An Ode to Fall.

Cue the orchestra.

**all images found via pinterest
they are NOT mine**

I wake up slowly
In a cuddly mess,
Beneath a few blankets,
more or less

I walk downstairs
to pour a cup of joe,
Add some pumpkin spice,
You already know fo’sho

The possibilities are endless
When it comes to my clothes
Boots and denim
Ladies, you know how it goes

I walk outside
And take in the smells
Of bonfires, leaves,
And other fall spells

I keep walking forward
And pull my scarf tighter
Already dreaming
Of some warm apple cider

The plans for the weekend
Are already booked
Orchards and Crockpots
Something yummy to be cooked

This season is my favorite
And not only for my bday
I’m LOVING it all,
Fall, can you please just stay?

A real Pulitzer Poetry Prize winner if you ask me. 

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