Tuesday, June 4, 2013

//weekend adventure//

Saturday was a wonderful and much needed break from the working life.
We packed up Tom's trailer, stopped for a yummy bagel & hazelnut coffee, and hitched on a ride down to meet our friends Becka and Dillon so we could all officially move into our houses.
Suddenly, grown-up world is pretty darn awesome.
on the open road.

hello creepy eyes. oh hi tom.

just buggin the driver.

country living <3

After many yawns and country songs, we arrived in time to pay the rent (not so awesome) and check out the future living spaces.
my roooooom!!
the Pinterest ideas are endless.

girls' kitchen. crockpot of course for those yummy fall recipes!

these stairs <3
despite their sunkenness and awkward slant, i still love them.

the boys' house! didn't get many pics...but hey they got a fireplace!

can school just start NOW?!
(yes, i really mean it.)

p.s. we basically have the best boyfriends ever.
the end.

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