Saturday, June 8, 2013


Meet Megan.
She's pretty cool.
She learning how to long board.
And makes yummy coffee drinks as a barista.

She's an awesome singer.
Likes soy milk.
Part Asian.

Been besties since the 9th grade.
Lovingly refer to each other as "Wombies".
And has a heart of gold for letting me use her as my muse for the lastest thrifty styles.

Also...boys? Back off.
Or you shall undergo a very lengthy and unpleasant interview with moi.

shirt//forever 21
necklace//forever 21
shorts//DIY from goodwill. "orginally little ugly farmer pants"

oh hey! It's me!
On the cover of the newest Little House on the Prairie novel...

skirt//wet seal
shirt//thrifted. goodwill
belt//thrifted. goodwill

A tick was then spotted crawling up the hem of my skirt.
Thus promptly ending the photo shoot.

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