Saturday, April 6, 2013

where in the world....?

Seeing as my last post below was in early march, I know I got some 'splaining to do.
So where in the world have I been?!

1.  Celebrated two year anniversary with the boyfrann.  Complete with homemade pizza and fort building. The end result....was beyond my wildest 8 year old dreams.

our heart (and uterus?) shaped pizzas.

mid-flour fight. or just powdering my nose.

the aftermath. but still so much "likeeee" <3

our cozy fort and yummy pizzas!
(why yes, those are crutches and dvds holding up our masterpiece.)
(also used: fake christmas tree, hair ties, and two dozen sheets.)

2.  Then I went on spring break with the famjam in Alabama. Rented the cutest beach house with a porch overlooking the ocean. Had coffee every morning on said porch.  Definitely had a hard time leaving that....

(take me back...pleaseeeee)

3.  Work, work, work, school, school, school.  Spring semester is always CRAZY BUSY. Like leave my room at 8 in the morning and not returning until 9 o'clock at night busy.

4.  Working out summer schedules and summer jobs.

5.  Registering at the new school for fall semester!

See?! I told you I was busy!  Even so, I've missed my little blog and am trying to learn how to find a consistent schedule to keep it updated. So for now, bear with me as these posts may irregular for a while...
and just pray these last few weeks of school go by fast...REAL FAST.

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